MeetnFly Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

1. General provisions

1.1. These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as Terms of Use) regulate the use of the online platform The Online Platform consists of any documents (including images, profile descriptions) that are accessible via the domain or its subdomains.

1.2. The Terms of Use can be accessed via the online platform:

1.3. The owner and manager of the online platform is MeetnFly OÜ (registry code: 16203892; Tallinn, Harju County; e-mail:; hereinafter referred to as: MeetnFly).

1.4. The user of the online platform (User) is any individual who uses the Online Platform.

1.5. The prerequisite for using the online platform is acceptance of the Terms of Use. If a User does not agree with the Terms of Use, the User does not have the right to use the Online Platform. The User must only use the Online Platform in accordance with the Terms of Use.

1.6. When the User starts to use the Online Platform, the User enters into an agreement with MeetnFly (hereinafter Agreement) whose terms and conditions are established in the Terms of Use.

1.7. MeetnFly offers various services (hereinafter Services) to the User via the online platform. If a User and MeetnFly agree on additional terms and conditions for the use of Services, the Terms of Use regulate the use of services to the extent that they are not irreconcilable with the additional terms and conditions.

2. Online Platform and its Use

2.1 Creating an account and a profile on the Online Platform is free for the Users. A User can accept up to five connections and communicate with them in the communication application for free. A User must sign up for a plan with a monthly fee, determined by the price list of MeetnFly, to accept more connections. In the case of paid services, a payment obligation arises for the User when signing up for the paid Service. A User must pay for the Service in full for the first month and MeetnFly will not return any fees to the User even if the User ceases to fully or partially use the Service. MeetnFly subscription can be cancelled at any time. After cancellation of the subscription, the User can use MeetnFly until the end of the last billing cycle. When signing up for a plan, the subscription is automatically extended every subsequent month and a User must cancel their MeetnFy subscription under ‘Billing’.

2.2. MeetnFly cannot change the price of the plan ordered, but they may change the content of the plan based on the development of the product and the needs of the users. MeetnFly has the right to add new plans and cancel existing plans by informing users via-email about the new plans and publishing the new price list on the Online Platform.

2.3. In the event of a payment obligation, a User is obliged to pay the cost for the deadline established by MeetnFly. An invoice is deemed paid upon receipt of funds by MeetnFly. MeetnFly has the right to refuse the provision of Services to a User until payment of an invoice.

A User must sign up for a suitable plan to subscribe to the services of MeetnFly. A User can select a plan under ‘Billing’. A User enters their card number, the expiration month/date of their card and the CVC number to place an order. A promo code must be entered immediately; it is not possible to enter it afterwards.

The payment is withdrawn securely from your credit or debit card or bank account and a third party payment processor will transfer the funds immediately to the bank account of MeetnFly. Payments occur in a secure environment outside the MeetnFly website. MeetnFly does not have access to the banking and credit card information of the Users. MeetnFly service will be activated after making the payment. The third party processes data in accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2.4. A User must use the Online Platform only for meeting others (for finding a partner).

Without the prior consent of MeetnFly, a User must neither use the Online Platform for the provision of any services to third parties, regardless of whether a User provides the services for free or for a fee, nor use the data received from the Online Platform for any purpose other than the purpose established in the previous sentence.

2.5. The Online Platform is solely a technical solution through which users can meet one another.

The Users are responsible for providing truthful information in their profile and the Users can view other users’ profiles based on the preferences indicated in their profile and, if the profiles turn out to be a match, communicate with one another in the chat window. MeetnFly does not participate in users’ communication and the Online Platform does not guarantee that the User will find a suitable partner. If a User presents untruthful information, MeetnFly has the right to delete the profile of this User.

2.6. MeetnFly has not conducted background checks on any Users and does not give any guarantee of the accuracy of Users’ information or information published by Users.

2.7. MeetnFly is not responsible for the information entered on the Online Platform by a User. A User is solely responsible for the truthfulness and legitimacy of the information they have entered. A User only enters information that is true and does not violate the rights or interests of MeetnFly or any third parties. Information uploaded by a User (images as well as communication on the online platform) must not violate the copyright, patents, trademarks or third party intellectual, private, personal or public rights. A User must not offend or humiliate anyone based on their race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation on the Online Platform.

2.8. MeetnFly retains the right to remove any information that violates the rights or interests of MeetnFly or third parties or is irreconcilable with the public order or moral code without prior notification. If MeetnFly removes the information or documents from the Online Platform, a User cannot enter the same data into the Online Platform without the prior consent of MeetnFly.

2.9 A User must only use the Online Platform via common web browsers (such as Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari). A User must not use the Online Platform via a software or tools that allow automated inquiries to be conducted without human intervention. In the case of a violation of this clause, MeetnFly may ask every violator to pay a contractual penalty in the value of 5000 euros. Every enquiry will be deemed a separate violation that violates the agreements established in this clause.

2.10 MeetnFly can amend the Online Platform at any time and without notification, including amend the content and extent of the Services provided to the Users and limit the use of Services. However, MeetnFly must not amend the Online Platform in such a way that the scope of the Services changes; MeetnFly aims to offer users optimal options for meeting others.

2.11 MeetnFly will do its best to ensure that the Online Platform is always accessible and useable. However, MeetnFly is not responsible for any disruptions in the operation of the Online Platform.

3. User account

3.1. A user who is at least 21 years old can create an account on the Online Platform.

3.2. A User Account enables the User to create a profile, view suitable profiles of other users and, in the case of a match, communicate via a communication application for the use of which a completed profile on the Online Platform is necessary.

3.3. A User must register with an e-mail address and create a password or register via Facebook and read and agree to these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy in order to create a User Account.

3.4. A User can change their password on the Online Platform at any time. A User is obliged to keep their password a secret and not disclose it to third parties.

3.5. A User must be the sole user of their User Account. A User must not allow third parties to use their User Account or use their User Account themselves in the interests of third parties (e.g. a User must not disclose information of third parties through their User Account). After initial registration, a User cannot change their first name or age.

3.6. MeetnFly can suspend the use of a User Account partially or fully at any time and delete a User Account if the information connected to the user account is untrue or the User uses the User Account in a way that is irreconcilable with the Terms of Use or violates the rights of third parties or MeetnFly, including if the User Account is used in the interests of third parties.

3.7. All actions performed on the Online Platform using the User Account are considered performed by the User. A User is responsible for the consequences of all actions performed by their User Account (for the content of conversations with other users).

3.8. A User Account allows the User to create a profile and sign up for Services. If a User Account has been subscribed to Services, the User is considered the subscriber to these Services and the rights and obligations related to the Service apply to the User.

4. Principles of processing Users’ personal data

4.1. MeetnFly collects and processes the Personal Data disclosed by the User by providing services to the User and allowing the User to use the Online Platform, thus MeetnFly is considered a responsible processor of Personal Data in the definition of data protection legal acts. The data collected and processed by MeetnFly include a User’s first name, date of birth, e-mail address, place of residence and other information related to finding a suitable partner by the User. When creating a profile, a User can add a photo or photos of themselves and include additional information about their lifestyle. MeetnFly processes Personal Data to find a suitable partner for a User. If a User signs up for the paid functions, such as signing up for a paid service, or purchases services directly from MeetnFly, the User shares information, e.g. the number of their debit or credit card or other financial information, with MeetnFly or MeetnFly’s payment service provider.

4.2. MeetnFly processes Personal Data in accordance with the principles of data protection recognised in Europe (primarily legality, fairness, transparency, purposefulness, minimality) and always follows the interests, rights and freedoms of the User when processing Personal Data.

4.3. A User has a right to publish their profile (the first part of their filled in profile) on the Online Platform, and the Personal Data published there will be made accessible to other users in accordance with the selection criteria selected by the User.

4.4. If a User has begun to fill in their profile and entered their Personal Data in the database but has not completed filling in the profile (all mandatory fields are not filled), the User cannot save their profile and the Personal Data will neither be visible nor transmitted to other Users.

4.5. If a User has filled in a profile and saved it in the database of MeetnFly, MeetnFly has the right to request additional information from the User in the event that the profile is filled in inaccurately (for example, the user has not added a picture of themselves or has only provided brief answers to the profile questions). Until clarification of these inaccuracies, MeetnFly is not obliged to activate the User’s profile. MeetnFly does this to offer users the opportunity to meet only users with complete profiles.

4.6. Third parties, i.e. data processors, need to process Personal Data in some circumstances. Data processors process Personal Data for MeetnFly only if it is necessary for the purposes of processing and on the condition that they ensure the level of protection of Personal Data required by legal acts. MeetnFly uses predominantly the following data processors for processing Personal Data (listed by category):

(I) IT service providers who help to retain, organise and process the Data of MeetnFly and ensure the operation and development of the Online Platform, including but not limited to cloud providers and software developers.

(II) E-mail forwarding providers who help to transmit newsletters and offers to the Users.

4.7 MeetnFly also processes Personal Data for statistical purposes, including analysing Users’ profiles to study the trends of the dating platform and improve the Services offered to the User. MeetnFly may work with research institutions (including universities, researchers) to improve the Online Platform for Users. In this case, MeetnFly processes Personal Data on the basis of justified interest, primarily meaning the balance between the interests of MeetnFly and the rights of the User. MeetnFly cannot provide the best and most modern Online Platform and Services without conducting statistical and market analyses. The impact of this type of processing on the rights of the User is minimal because the results of the processing are anonymous.

4.8 A User can contact MeetnFly at any time and request the amendment of their Personal Data. MeetnFly retains the Personal Data of a User until the data is necessary for justified business purposes and is in accordance with the relevant law. If a User decides to close their MeetnFly account, the profile of the User will no longer be visible to other users. If a User Account has been inactive for two years, the User Account will be automatically closed and the data deleted. After the deletion of an account, we will delete the Personal Data of a User as follows:

A security period is valid for three months after the deletion of an account and one year after the blocking of an account to protect the safety of other users and, if necessary, cooperate with legal bodies. We retain the data of a User if necessary for investigations of illegal or harmful activity. The retention of the data during this period is based on our justified interest and that of possible third party victims.

After the end of the security period, MeetnFly deletes the data of a User and retains only limited data for the purposes determined as follows:

(I) MeetnFly retains limited data to fulfil its obligations for the retention of data established by law – primarily transaction data for seven years to fulfil the legal tax and accounting requirements.

(II) MeetnFly retains customer service data for five years and profile data for one year to prevent possible litigations and prevent the re-opening of accounts by blocked individuals if this is necessary for guaranteeing the safety and interests of other users.

4.9 When agreeing to the Terms of Use, a User gives their consent to MeetnFly to the use of cookies on the Online Platform with the purpose of personalising the Service and helping provide a better Service to the User.

4.10 A User can delete their account by clicking on ‘settings’ in the right upper corner and then the red button at the bottom of the page. If a User has requested to delete their personal data via e-mail (, the data will be deleted within one week of the submission of the request. However, a User should note that MeetnFly retains some data after the submission of the request in some circumstances, e.g. a security period applies if the User had an active profile (see clause 4.8).

5. Copyright and other intellectual property rights

5.1. Copyright related to the Online Platform and works published on the Online Platform and rights related to the copyright (including the rights of the creator of the data base) belong to MeetnFly.

5.2. A User confirms that data or photos entered in the Online Platform by them do not violate the copyright of third parties.

5.3. Without the prior written consent of the Online Platform, a User or third party does not have the right to reproduce, distribute, transmit, translate, incorporate into any other database, make extracts of, etc. the Database or any of the information contained therein in any manner whatsoever. A User must not transmit any information received from the Online Platform to third parties.

6. Final provisions

6.1. MeetnFly has the right to limit or prohibit a User’s use of the Online Platform or another service or refuse to provide Services to a User and/or terminate the Agreement if a User breaches the Terms of Use or additional terms and conditions of Services or the activity of a User violates the justified interests of MeetnFly or another User.

6.2. MeetnFly has the right to terminate the Agreement at any time without stating a reason and/or to prohibit the use of the Online Platform or refuse to provide Services or terminate the provision of Services to any User about whom MeetnFly has a justified suspicion that the User is using the Online Platform to provide services or for reasons other than meeting others and meeting others for the purposes of starting a relationship.

6.3. If MeetnFly terminates the Agreement on the bases established in clauses 6.1 or 6.2 or a User terminates the Agreements on the bases established in clauses 6.1 or 6.5, MeetnFly is not obliged to reimburse any fees paid by the User even if MeetnFly has not provided any services for the paid fee.

6.4. MeetnFly is not obliged to activate a User’s profile or allow a User to use the Online Platform or provide Services to a User. MeetnFly may but is not obliged to justify the decision of not activating a profile.

6.5. MeetnFly may amend the Terms of Use at any time without the prior consent of the User by publishing the amended Terms of Use on the Online Platform. The amended Terms of Use will be valid from the moment of their publication on the Online Platform. Users will be informed about the amendments to the Terms of Use via the MeetnFly Online Platform. If a User does not agree with the new Terms of Use, a User has always the right to delete their User Account.

6.6. Estonian law will be applied to the Terms of Use and the Agreement.

6.7. Any disputes regarding the Terms of Use or the use of the Online Platform are resolved via negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the dispute is settled by Harju County Court, Tallinn, Republic of Estonia.